1wire and owfs on Seagate Dockstar [v1.0]

August 26, 2010

21.08.2010 success on Seagate Dockstar

measuring temerature on Seagate Dockstar with owfs and 1wire starter kit

thanks to this blog http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~ecc/dockstar-howto.html i was able to get it working in minutes.

whatever you do, don’t connect the dockstar to the internet (not yet anyway)

here is the short version (step by step):

have these items ready:

  • USB stick
  • DHCP-server (without access to the internet!!)
  • CAT5 network cables
  • some other PC on the same network (linux or windows with putty)

download these three files to an usb-stick (NTFS or FAT32 formated):


connect PC and dockstar both to the dhcp server
connect USB sitck to dockstar
now plugin power to dockstar, wait a little bit
now find out what IP address the dhcp-server has given to your dockstar
and ssh as ‘root‘ on dockstar with password ‘stxadmin

enter these commands (at your own risk!!):

killall -9 hbwd
killall -9 hbplug
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
cd /mnt
./blparam mainlineLinux=yes
./blparam arcNumber=2097

cat /proc/mtd
# check output that
# mtd1 -> uImage
# mtd2 -> root
# mtd3 -> data
# matches
# if NOT, than stop here !!!!!!

flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1
nandwrite /dev/mtd1 dockstar-uImage
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd2
nandwrite /dev/mtd2 dockstar-rootfs
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd3 # this command will give an error, thats OK

now quickly remove the power from dockstar and after a few seconds plug it back in.

wait for reboot to finish (~2 min.)

now in openwrt use telnet to connet (there is no password!!!!!!!!!!)
Note that the telnet server in OpenWrt does not have any password protection. This has been done to emphasise the insecurity of telnet. You should set an SSH password immediately by running


This will also cause the telnet server to be disabled, and you’ll then need to use SSH instead of telnet to access the WRT.
after that login via webbrowser (with your newly set root password) and configure timezone and led status and the hostname for the device

now you can (and should) connect your router/dhcp-server to the internet

now login via ssh as root on the dockstar and update some stuff to get some normal utils:

echo "# src/gz snapshots http://XXdownloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/kirkwood/packages
src/gz snapshots http://mirror.downloads.openwrt.org.work.zoff.cc/snapshots/trunk/kirkwood/packages
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay" > /etc/opkg.conf

opkg update
opkg install wget
opkg install mc
opkg install htop
opkg install nano
opkg install bash
opkg install vim
opkg install bc
opkg install --force-overwrite binutils
opkg install coreutils-nohup
opkg install file
opkg install ifstat iftop iperf
opkg install lsof microcom minicom
opkg install net-tools-arp net-tools-domainname
opkg install net-tools-hostname net-tools-ifconfig net-tools-netstat
opkg install mount.ntfs-3g ntfs-3g ntfs-3g-utils ntfsprogs ntp-utils
opkg install screen strace sysfsutils
opkg install sysstat zoneinfo-core zoneinfo-europe
opkg install psmisc
opkg install --force-overwrite procps
opkg install luci-app-ntpc
wget -O /etc/init.d/luci_fixtime http://work.zoff.cc/dockstar/luci_fixtime

change your crontab file

wget -O /tmp/xx http://work.zoff.cc/dockstar/crontab_zoff
crontab /tmp/xx
rm /tmp/xx
crontab -l # to see whats in it now

after that login via webbrowser (with your newly set root password) and configure the timeserver under “System-> Time Synchronisation”

this part is optional, if you want the Dockstar to act as a DHCP server:

opkg install dhcp-server
opkg install luci-app-ddns dnsmasq

now to owfs part:

now do

opkg install owfs

just needed to compile fuse kernel module or if you want you can download my comiled fuse module and put it in

wget -O /lib/modules/ http://work.zoff.cc/dockstar/modules/

on your dockstar.

then reboot !! and then

insmod /lib/modules/

all done !

10 Responses to “1wire and owfs on Seagate Dockstar [v1.0]”

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  2. Great guide!
    Have you manage to install RRDtool on your dockstar?

  3. yes just use “opkg list” and “opkg install”

  4. Hello.
    After playing with openwrt and dockstar, my dockstar not booting now. :(
    I made mistake myself, not carefully read the article until the end. :(
    Here what I did:
    I’m goto section A.1, after it all work fine,
    then I goto section B.1 and do:
    flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1
    nandwrite -p /dev/mtd1 openwrt-kirkwood-uImage
    last step was very long time and I’m pressing Ctrl+C
    Now afer powering only fast blinking with green diode. Tell me please, the only one way to reanimate it this is jtag ?

  5. yes.
    now you need a serial cable to reanimate the dockstar, sorry.

  6. Hi Zoff.
    I manged to install, OpenWRT, OWFS and RRDTool with the help of your your tutorial. Thanks!

    Right now I have some problems running RRDTool. I’m getting some “rrdtool: can’t resolve symbol ‘posix_fadvise'” errors. Do you know what can be causíng this?

  7. Ok, thanks.
    Tell me please, i’m not good in electronics, here is instruction http://plugboxlinux.org/index.php5?title=Hardware:_Seagate_DockStar_uBoot_Restoration_via_JTAG
    So, I need not only serial cable, but parralel jtag cable too ?

  8. its best to use an USB cable and connect it to your PC via USB port. use google to find the details.

  9. for serial cable for dockstar look here:


    or here:


  10. Just now I’m reanimated my dockstar by usb-serial cable. All work fine, thank you !

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